Objective Destroy All Other Tanks!

Tanks For Playing is a multiplayer strategy game requiring cooperation, coordination and eventually betrayal.

Play-for-free, play-for-fun and play-and-earn – powered by web3 and the blockchain.

Strategise, collaborate, win!

Tanks for Playing tank model
Tanks for Playing tank model

About The Game

  • Tanks

    Tanks are the primary gameplay element.

    Own your own Tank, backed by web3 and the blockchain. Tanks can have special abilities, boosts on tiles, durability and new powers. Tanks are tradable, and can unlock play-and-earn game modes.

    Early Access

  • Maps

    Season Two comes with new maps and new game tiles. Arctic, desert, volcano and grassland tile sets.

    Each new map brings with it new tactics and strategies. Build your own map with our in-built Map Editor and get paid for usage!

    Early Access

  • Abilities

    Tanks have different levels of rarity, abilities and characteristics, these include durability, speed, accuracy as well as bonuses when on special tiles.

    The game strategy evolves with these new abilities, bringing a new dimension to the game dynamics.

    Early Access

  • Rewards

    The game can be played in many different ways, including ways in which you can earn real digital assets. There are free-to-play and pay-to-enter tournaments, play-for-pot, and play-and-earn game modes.

    The ecosystem is backed by the TANKS token, Tank NFTs, SCRAPS reward token and other digital assets backed by the blockchain and web3.

    Early Access

  • Blockchain

    Own your own digital assets, backed by the web3, the blockchain and Ethereum.

    Tanks, player profiles, avatars and the Tank Commander Club avatars are tradable assets on popular platforms such as Opensea and on our own marketplace.

    Early Access

  • Strategy

    Tanks is a multiplayer collaborative chess-like game requiring strategic prowess to win. Capitalise on map features (choke points, obstacles and barriers), your tanks abilities (such as speed, durability) and harness your potential to lead and influence (make allies then betray) to win.

    The last tank standing wins – brains over brawn.

    Early Access

  • pink tank


    Tanks For Playing is a game that revolves around the strategy of teamwork and collaboration. Work together and build teams.

    Play in games as solo, duo, trio and quads. Create ad hoc teams within the game before betraying them to take the win.

    Early Access

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Tanks volcano map

Season Two

tank victory

Play To Earn

Can you earn real digital assets simply by playing the game? Yes!

Players can earn SCRAPS tokens, real digital assets backed by web3 and the blockchain simply by playing Tanks For Playing. In-game activities such as destroying a tank or winning a game increase your earnings. To partake in the play-and-earn game mode, you will need access to a Tank NFT. These can be purchased on our marketplace or on OpenSea or you can borrow one on our NFT lending and borrowing platform to play in the play-and-earn game mode.

It’s never been easier to play and earn.

tanks challenge

Tank NFTs

Own your own tank and stand out on the battlefield!

Tank skin NFTs allow you to play with one of our many different tank designs or tank skins. Tradable as digital assets, these Tank skin NFTs are backed by web3 and the blockchain.

Tank NFTs can also be purchased to enable unlocking of the play-and-earn game.

incoming supply drop

NFT Lending / Borrowing

Players and digital asset holders can come together to create agreements to facilitate the lending and borrowing of NFTs on our NFT lending and borrowing platform. Agreement arrangements include time based borrowing and profit splitting.

All of these are handled within the game, reducing management overhead, manual account keeping whilst improving trust between parties.

Early Access

artic tanks map

Product Roadmap

  1. cog icon


    Season Two closed beta

  2. season two icon

    Mid/Late 2023

    Season Two launch

  3. trophy icon

    Late 2023

    Tournament launch

  4. bolt icon

    Early 2024

    Play and Earn NFT mint

  5. dollar icon

    Mid 2024

    SCRAPS launch

  6. star coin icon

    Late 2024

    Tank Commander Club

  7. season three icon


    Season Three & more

Tanks for Playing desert camouflage tank model


forest grass map


Dr. Aaron Alderman

Dr. Aaron Alderman

Management and Operations

Aaron has a track record of delivering scalable solutions using cutting edge technology. Aaron is an ex BCG Lead AI Software Engineer with over 10 years experience. Aaron is committed to making blockchain seamless and user friendly.

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Callan Bright

Callan Bright

Engineering and Design

Callan is a BCG alum and professional software engineer who is passionate about in-game economies. He is a published academic in the field of complexity science and agent-based modelling.

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Jessica Alderman

Jessica Alderman

Marketing and Social

Jessica has over 10 years experience in team leading, technical support, customer relationship management and conflict resolution. Her focus is to provide a user-centric experience for Tanks! players.

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Plus a team of designers, engineers, marketers, community and finance.

Tanks For Playing is in early access.

Follow us on social media for updates.

Mac and Mobile versions coming soon!

Tanks for Playing electro tank model
Tanks for Playing cyber tank model